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Business Law

Planning for and Sustaining Business Success

Operating a successful business today is no easy task. Sustaining that success is more difficult still. Competition is intense. Government regulation continues to grow. The challenges involved with adapting your business to rapidly changing laws, cultures and market conditions are immense. In such a complex environment, the guidance of an experienced business law attorney is a valuable asset.

At Reynolds Maddux Woodward LLP, we help businesses in Placer County and the surrounding areas of Northern California succeed in today's ever more global marketplace. Our business law practice includes advice, services and representation for a broad range of business-related legal needs, including:

  • Entity Formation — We work closely with clients to choose the most suitable legal structure, such as a corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership. Using our experience and knowledge as a guide, we then identify and resolve the numerous issues that confront a start up venture, resulting in a custom designed entity that best fits the client’s unique needs.
  • Entity Governance — Our lawyers routinely advise corporations and limited liability companies as to the application of their Bylaws, Operating Agreements and the complex state and federal laws governing their operations. We are often present at board meetings, providing trusted legal insight in guiding the company.
  • Finance — We are a valuable ally to our business and entrepreneur clients in structuring and negotiating financing, including initial round financing, private placements and angel financings.
  • General Counsel — We often serve as an “outside” general counsel to start-up clients, closely-held family business concerns and established small and mid-sized companies who are not ready to add an in-house attorney to their payroll.
  • Alliances and Partnerships — We advise our clients regarding the structuring and negotiation of joint ventures, strategic alliances and all manner of arrangements with other businesses.
  • Purchase and Sale of Businesses — Our attorneys have extensive experience in structuring and negotiating of the sale and purchase of entire businesses. These are complex transactions, involving many disciplines, such as commercial real estate, finance, contracts and employment.
  • Business Contracts — We negotiate, draft and review business agreements of all types, including operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, distribution and supply agreements, service agreements, employment agreements and many other forms of business contracts.
  • Business Dispute Resolution, Break Up and Dissolution — When tensions flare between business stakeholders, our attorneys provide insightful counsel that often renews effective cooperation. Where continued cooperation is beyond reach, we can assist you in going your separate ways while preserving the hard earned assets of the business.
  • Litigation and Mediation — We are experienced, forceful advocates who can effectively represent your interests in court when the need arises. Often, however, we are able to use our skills to secure more cost-effective and timely results through alternative means.

Speak to an attorney at Reynolds Maddux Woodward LLP by calling our Auburn, California, law offices directly at 530.885.8500 or by contacting us online.