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We Solve Construction Law Problems

At Reynolds Maddux Woodward LLP, we understand that whenever there are problems associated with a construction project, there are also solutions. Our firm's knowledge of construction law and extensive experience with development projects of all sizes helps you prevent problems and, when disputes arise, find the right solutions. More importantly, those assets can be invaluable in moving you toward successful completion of your project and the resolution of any pending disputes.

Our Practice

Our attorneys service all types of construction law needs throughout California. Members of our firm have also assisted general contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, suppliers, and owners with large public and private works projects both here in California and around the world.

Some of the various construction law issues we deal with on a regular basis include:

  • Construction Contracts —We are well versed in AIA and AGC construction contracts and also prepare and negotiate job-specific design, construction and development agreements, restrictive covenants and ground leases.
  • Mechanic's Liens and Stop Payment Notices —Mechanic's liens are subject to specific notice and recording requirements and exacting time schedules. Our attorneys assist clients with the preparation, service, recording, enforcement or defense of liens, including bonding and foreclosure issues. We can also establish a process for handling some of those repetitive tasks yourself.
  • Construction Project Claims —We assist clients in all aspects of construction claims including bid protests, change orders, delay and scheduling claims using CPM scheduling methods, contractor substitution and termination, payment and performance bond claims and defaults.
  • Construction Disputes —We are well versed in all phases of dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration and trial.
  • Permitting, Land Use and Environmental Law —Getting the green light for a construction project is often half the battle. The relationships our law firm has established with local government and in the construction industry, our knowledge of the area and local laws, and our comfort level with complex state and federal environmental laws such as CEQA and NEPA can help you gain the necessary permits and approvals.

Specific Examples of Our Experience

Our attorneys have significant public and private works projects experience, including:

  • Lead attorney for the general contractor on a $25 million LEED Platinum public library and community center project on which the public entity terminated the contractor when the project was almost complete. The public entity eventually rescinded the termination.
  • Lead attorney for the general contractor in a $20 million dollar termination for default case involving a large California state agency which involved critical path delay and additional scope of work disputes.
  • Lead attorney for the general contractor on three public school project cases which involved critical path delay, additional scope of work disputes and False Claims Act claims.
  • Lead attorney for the general contractor in a bid protest on a $50 million public works project.
  • Lead attorney for the general contractor in a bid protest on a University of California Project.
  • Lead attorney for a publicly traded metal building manufacturer on various public works and private projects including a large events center and an Indian Casino.
  • Lead attorney for a school district in connection with approximately $70 Million in new school construction.  The general contractor overbilled the district millions of dollars and then abandoned the projects before the schools were complete. 
  • Lead attorney for a variety of agricultural and commercial owners in cases that involved the expansion of their processing plants and feeding operations.
  • Lead attorney for a large lumber company on numerous projects throughout California where the client asserts mechanics lien and/or payment bond claims.
  • Lead attorney in a multi-million dollar commercial loan judicial foreclosure action that involved several commercial office buildings, cross-collateralized assets, personal guaranties and real property valuation disputes.

Speak to an attorney at Reynolds Maddux Woodward LLP by calling our Auburn, California, law offices directly at 530.885.8500 or by contacting us online.