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Business Disputes, Break-Ups and Dissolution

A Results-Oriented Approach to Internal Disputes and Dissolution

When stakeholders in a business clash, the relationships, hard work, and money that you have invested to make that business a success are in grave peril.

At Reynolds Maddux Woodward LLP, we appreciate what is at risk in management or owner disputes. When representing companies, we work with your constituents to move past conflict and back to successful operations. When the situation dictates, we assist stakeholders in going their separate ways in a manner that minimizes disruption and maximizes asset preservation. When representing individual stakeholders, we are powerful advocates, using our decades of experience and the utmost skill to protect your interests, whether at the negotiating table or in the courtroom.

We have been successful because we focus on solutions, not problems.

Stakeholder Disputes

Poorly-drafted agreements, conflicting management styles, breach of fiduciary duties, conflicts over profit shares — these are just some of the many reasons why even long-time, successful business associates might find themselves in a dispute. We recognize that while litigation is one method of dispute resolution, it is not the only approach. As always, our goal is to achieve the most cost-effective result in the timeliest manner possible. Our lawyers have proven to be very effective at resolving stakeholder disputes outside of court, even between parties with seemingly irreconcilable differences. However, when alternative methods of dispute resolution fail to produce an acceptable solution, we are ready and able to pursue results through litigation.

Business Break Up and Dissolutions

There is a time and a place for everything. When it is time for business associates to part ways or sell the business, the law firm to trust is Reynolds Maddux Woodward LLP. Our attorneys can help one party move on with the reward for her labor while minimizing disruption to the ongoing business. We can help divide or sell off a portion of the business. If there is no other alternative, we can help you end your business. Simply put, we can guide you through and protect your interests in every phase of unwinding your business relationships. Representing you in negotiations, maintaining compliance with governance requirements, minimizing liability risks, resolving tax issues, selling or distributing assets and revenue — whatever it is, however complex, we can help.

Speak to an attorney at Reynolds Maddux Woodward LLP by calling our Auburn, California, law offices directly at 530.885.8500 or by contacting us online.